Our services

Manufacturing of drinks

The main reason behind the formation of this company was for purposes of manufacturing drinks. We deal with all kinds of drinks, and every brand is available within our company. The brands that we manufacture are legal and of high quality. The most important thing is that they are health-friendly and cannot result in any health problem as much as their content is concerned. Our drinks undergo monitored processing, and with the high-quality machines that we have, under no circumstance will you find that our standards are compromised.

We not only operate within the country but also have international connections whereby we import some raw materials and machines from other nations and also export our products to these countries. So far, we have got partners in Japan, Australia, South Africa, and China. We have some of our sales agents working in each and every one of these countries, which ensures that the inflow and outflow of the products are stable and continuous.

Doorstep supply services

Once manufacturing has been done, our suppliers distribute the products to various destinations, be it shops, bars or restaurants. Our customers do contact us when making orders, and for more details, you can visit our Contact Page. You can as well make your orders online, and the deliveries are made as fast as we can. There are also some personal orders, and in this case, those who have ordered the products have to come to our branch within their town and pick their parcels.

Frozen Life Travelling Agency

We have a traveling agency that specializes in buses for hire. These buses have our name branded on them, and they also have a unique color for easy identification. They can be hired by those who intend to travel to any place within Canada. For purposes of hiring our buses, you can visit any of our branches or book online. The charges vary, depending on how far you travel and the Frozen Life drinks that you order for your trip.

Frozen Life Boxing Club

This is a club that we established recently, where boxing is shown live, and people get to watch for purposes of entertainment. This club offers other facilities to the participants, such as the gymnasium, where you can go and boost your physical fitness. The show is awesome, and there are many champions coming from many continents who come and face each other for the black belt. For those who come to watch live events, we have a lot of facilities that suit their comfort while they watch. You can opt for the economy class, VIP, or VVIP tickets, according to your budget.

Advertisement wing

Being a highly rated company, many people use us for purposes of advertising. The celebrities really confide in us, and we have done a lot of collaborations with them to advertise our products and theirs as well. We work with the top-rated advertising companies in the world, and therefore our products are known in many parts of the world. We are competing with several companies, and up to date, none has proven to outdo our brands.


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