Frozen Life Educates the World!

Scholarship wing

In this wing, we offer the scholarship to the students from the institutes in Canada for purposes of furthering their education. We give scholarships for studies in the best universities in the world. We also go to the extent of helping our beneficiaries to get jobs, and there is a wing within our company that is responsible for all this.

Frozen Life Institute

This is our fully owned institute of learning, specifically dealing with food and beverage courses. This institute was established in 2010 with the aim of training people to work in restaurants, hotels, and bars. The courses run for two years, after which the students go for attachment, and then we arrange for them to get employed in the best institutions that we have worked with over the years. There are over 20,000 students from our institute that are employed in the best companies here in Canada and beyond.

Frozen Life Charity Kitty

We sponsor a lot of charity and community activities, both within the country and internationally. These activities include environmental campaigns, campaigns against gender-based violence, health walks, and events, shows, tours, and sporting activities, among others.

Casino Games and Bonuses

Since we work hand in hand with a casino company, we do a lot in that sector as well. We give bonuses such as free drinks to those who emerge as winners in the games, and to some extent, we use some of them in advertising our brands. Our key area of concern is the slot, and this is the area where we give a lot of promotions such as free air tickets to attraction sites that you may be interested in visiting. Our partner company makes all the arrangements for all this to take place. With respect to this, spin palace and Baccarat have also made proposals for us to also do the same to their customers.


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