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About us

Frozen Life is a drink manufacturing company based in Canada that does the processing of every kind of drink. It was established in the year 2001 by an American, John Quins, and it just began as a small company for supplying drinks to shops, bars, restaurants, pubs, and even to various occasions. Right now, it is among the biggest companies that supply drinks in Canada.

John Quins was well known as a jack of all trades by the people who were close to him. This was simply because the moment he completed his studies, he started establishing connections with many suppliers who supplied goods of varying nature. Seeing that the business was somehow earning him lots of money, he decided not to further his studies. After some time, he decided that he would only supply drinks because he realized that his supply schedule was somehow exhaustive and also had a lot of collisions.  

Seeing how focused and determined he was, the manager of the drink company whose products he was supplying decided to give him a position to be among the staff within the company. This made him even more hardworking because he knew that he would be receiving more payment. He worked in the manufacturing company for seven years before deciding that he should now engage in something more advanced. He spoke to his manager and requested his assistance in coming up with his own manufacturing company. Being a committed employee, the manager decided to give him a lot of support, connecting him with his colleagues within the country and also abroad, and within a year, Frozen Life had come into existence.

The formation and management

With John Quins being at the forefront of its formation and management, Frozen Life found its way into the real world of business, being among the best drinks manufacturing and supplying companies in Canada. John Quins never wanted this company to be operating in a centralized manner, and therefore, after its formation, he decided to form small branches within every town in Canada.

Being the manager of Frozen Life, John Quins attended several business conferences where he got a lot of ideas on how to improve his business. It is through conferencing that he came to learn about partnership and how it improves the profit margin of the business. He decided afterward that he would establish a partnership with one businessman called Johnson Smith, who ran a lot of casino businesses. Both of them had their own reasons for accepting the partnership. Johnson Smith was interested in having a stable supply of drinks into his casinos while John, on the other hand, was aware of how profitable casino businesses were, and how large its market projection was.

Johnson Smith was also a don when it comes to running casinos, and he had a lot of techniques for attracting customers. Before deciding to form a partnership, he had already engaged in this business for seven years, and his company was among the best in Canada. He visited spin palace and Baccarat, where he used to do a lot of gambling and what he mostly liked trying his chances on the slot. All that he learned then has helped him in running his business as well as attracting more and more customers.


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